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We participated as a panelist in a discussion about Ecology and Place as part of the CIVIQ series, held by Reflection Riding and the Chattanooga Design Studio. Florence Williams, author of The Nature Fix, was a panelist alongside Circadian Consulting, the Tennessee Trust for Public Land, the Chattanooga Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, and WMWA Landscape Architects.

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CityScope magazine

We are honored to be considered a “Mover and Shaker” in the most recent edition of City Scope Magazine.

“Klagstad was pleasantly surprised at how welcoming the local business community has been. “I expected to have to work harder to make business connections. I even expected some push back, but everyone hops right in and helps out. Particularly, the Small Business Development Center, INCubator, and the Chamber have been so helpful,” she says.”

Edge Magazine

Edge Magazine

We were recently featured in Edge Magazine, Chattanooga’s Business Magazine and sister publication to the Times Free Press. The article focused on our partnership with the Southeastern Grasslands Initiative.

"…the amount of sustainable alternatives available to us are endless. We just need to start implementing them."