We maintain compliance with certifying agencies and remain active in our memberships. We invite you to learn more about each below.

Qualified Hydrologic Professional

Hydrologic Determination

Circadian is one of twelve Qualified Hydrologic Professionals (QHP) in Chattanooga, having completed Hydrologic Determinations throughout the state. Our biologists are trained to recognize the differences between wet weather conveyances and streams in Tennessee's most complex systems. 

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise


We assist with TDOT Local Programs contracts, having completed multiple projects and training courses involving Categorical Exclusions, Waterway Permits, Ecological Training, Section 6(f) & 4(f), and Purpose and Need. We are also recognized as a DBE by several other municipalities, including the Cities of Chattanooga and Nashville.

Women's Business Enterprise


Circadian Consulting is a woman-owned small business and DBE contractor with the City of Chattanooga. If you are seeking to identify diversity firms for participation in your project, please contact us.



Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce

Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce

The Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce received a nationally-acclaimed Chamber of the Year award for 2017. We are active business members of the Chamber, currently serving as the Vice President of Programming for the North Chattanooga Council.



WaterWays is a non-profit organization that assists with education initiatives and the protection of Chattanooga waters, through summer camps, partnerships with K-12 schools and Universities, and conservation projects. Circadian is an active member of the Board of Young Professionals.



The Southeastern Grasslands Initiative is a non-profit organization that seeks to bring Chicago-style grassland restoration to the southeastern United States. Circadian is a member of this active organization.